The term Real Estate literally means real, for physically real and estate meaning property or holdings etc.  Real Estate includes buildings, land, underground rights (for instance mining), and air rights above the land (for example, flying aeroplanes).  A Property consists of the land, the buildings on it, the land’s natural resources, for example, water, minerals, and crops.

Being in the Real Estate business means that you are in the profession of buying, renting and selling buildings, houses, and land.

A Real Estate Realtor’s function is to make the difficult process of buying and selling easier for their clients.  They will do the organising and the planning of showing and marketing a house, all of which can be quite a task.  They will negotiate on your part.

Selling your property is their job, but finding properties to sell, is their job, too.  Being in real estate means they will liaise with clients to find the best possibilities to market their properties, without losing market value, but rather find ways to increase the value of your property.

A good real estate realtor will keep a good turnover rate of properties, without losing the personal touch that each and every client need.